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Testing Facility

ARMCO’s test facility is one of the most advanced in North America. We combine the latest technology with high speed, superior pressure pumps to hydrostatically test to pressures exceeding 70,000 psi. You can depend on ARMCO CERTIFIED product.

RFID Technology

ARMCO supplies a variety of certified hose assemblies for conveying gas, liquids and solids. Our certified hose assemblies are manufactured and tested to meet specific industry standard that ensure reliability and endurance in the most rigorous environments. High Tech tracking and analysis systems are used to measure certifications standards.

Eliminating Big Problems

At ARMCO, we strive to be industry leaders in terms of quality and safety. ARMCO CERTIFIED means we take every precaution to avoid hose system failures that may result in spills causing safety hazards or environmental damage.

Industry experience tells us that when our customers have a problem, it is usually a big one. The failure of a seemingly inexpensive hose or fitting can cost many thousands of dollars in lost time and damaged equipment. There can be no compromise on the quality of hose products and assembly.

  • Plant maintenance program
  • Customer Training Seminars
  • Hose Reclamation Programs
  • Supply Programs for National Customers
  • Online Test Reports


We also provide training about proper usage, storage, safety tips and preventative maintenance protocols to ensure environmental and operations safety and efficiency.